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My view of healthy is being free from any physical, mental and emotional conditions. Many individuals, however, live with health problems on a daily basis. Some of these problems have been accepted as being normal such as PMT, headaches and stress.

Both reflexology and the appropriate nutrition can help with many of these ailments.

People often say that life is short, so why should we put up with these symptoms when some small changes to our diet and lifestyle can make us feel so much better and improve the quality of our life?

Sylvia Whyte - Reflexologist and Nutritionist

I am an holistic therapist specialising in nutrition and reflexology. I believe that given the right conditions and the correct nutrition that the body can heal itself.

I practice in Lyne near Chertsey in Surrey but I am happy to visit you at your home or place of work depending on location. I also offer reflexology treatments at the Walton Centre in Walton on Thames

I qualified as a reflexologist with the Bayley School of Reflexology in 1996, which is affiliated to the British Reflexology Association. After treating many reflexology patients it became apparent that many of their health problems were related to poor nutrition as well as emotional problems, either currently or in the past. This led me to qualifying as a nutritional therapist by studying nutrition at the UK School of Naturopathic Nutrition to achieve my Diploma.

Other topics studied over the years include:

  • Maternity reflexology(pre-conception & pregnancy)with Susanne Enzer
  • Skeletal System Linking Technique
  • Endocrine system Linking Technique
  • Organ Linking Technique
  • Self Help Linking Technique
  • Indian Head Massage Diploma
  • Holistic Nutritional Practice Diploma (Advanced)
  • Diet & Nutrition Dilpoma (Distinction)
  • Adapting Massage & Reflexology for Palliative Care
  • Adapted Reflextherapy (spinal pain including Whiplash)
  • Foot reading theory and practical
  • Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage

Reflexology and Nutritional Therapy are both safe, natural therapies which have helped many overcome problems with medical conditions and ailments that have persisted when treated by conventional methods. If you want to follow a natural path to improve your health then why not contact me to discuss in more detail or to book an appointment.

I am a member of the BRA (British Reflexology Association) and the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Health Care Council) as well as provide reflexology on a voluntary basis for CREST Cancer Support.

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