Most of us are Dehydrated

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Nearly every client I see, either through Reflexology or for Nutritional advice, does not drink sufficient quantities of water. I am shocked at the number of people who do not like water and even though I remind them of its merits, I know that they will continue with the tea, coffee, squash and worse of all the… read more →

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Why I Want To Stay in The EU

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I am worried.  I am worried that the British public will vote to leave the EU in June. At the moment it feels like every TV programme, every radio report and every newspaper article discussing the EU has more people wanting to come out than to stay. I am one of the individuals who want… read more →

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Exciting Times Ahead for Reflexology

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After being qualified as a reflexologist for about 20 years I am still amazed how reflexology can help with so many health issues. Over the last 12 months this has become more and more apparent as I seem to be attracting a wider client base with a raft of illnesses that I haven’t had the… read more →

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Should Health Warnings Be On Cosmetics and Toiletries?

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We are surrounded by a world of perfume – from shampoos, shower gels, washing powder to air fresheners as well as perfumes to put directly on our skin. When I was in my twenties I used to love spraying perfume on a daily basis. Foreign holidays were always welcoming as I could buy my favourite… read more →

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Year 2 Uni Experience for Non Uni Parents

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Where does the time go? I know that since having children time feels like it has escalated at a great rate of knots!  My theory is that you are constantly looking towards the next half term and holiday, thereby living your life in 6 week blocks.  It doesn’t seem possible that my eldest daughter has… read more →

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