Most of us are Dehydrated

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Nearly every client I see, either through Reflexology or for Nutritional advice, does not drink sufficient quantities of water. I am shocked at the number of people who do not like water and even though I remind them of its merits, I know that they will continue with the tea, coffee, squash and worse of all the… read more →

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Exciting Times Ahead for Reflexology

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After being qualified as a reflexologist for about 20 years I am still amazed how reflexology can help with so many health issues. Over the last 12 months this has become more and more apparent as I seem to be attracting a wider client base with a raft of illnesses that I haven’t had the… read more →

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Should Health Warnings Be On Cosmetics and Toiletries?

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We are surrounded by a world of perfume – from shampoos, shower gels, washing powder to air fresheners as well as perfumes to put directly on our skin. When I was in my twenties I used to love spraying perfume on a daily basis. Foreign holidays were always welcoming as I could buy my favourite… read more →

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Blackcurrant Sorbet Recipe

Blackcurrants growing

I am forever trying to find recipes for blackcurrants.  We grow them on the allotment and every year we have a huge crop.  This year is no exception and found this lovely simple recipe for blackcurrant sorbet.  I don’t have an ice cream machine but found that not to be a problem.  The result is… read more →

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Consider Complementary Medicine instead of Popping a Pill


Is it time for the NHS to include complementary therapies as part of their recommendations for improving and maintaining people’s health?   As a reflexologist and nutritional therapist I would of course say “Yes!”  but, thinking of the current situation, it must eventually happen as a matter of course. We are constantly being told that we… read more →

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