Why I Want To Stay in The EU

EU Flag

I am worried.  I am worried that the British public will vote to leave the EU in June. At the moment it feels like every TV programme, every radio report and every newspaper article discussing the EU has more people wanting to come out than to stay. I am one of the individuals who want… read more →

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Year 2 Uni Experience for Non Uni Parents

Graduation Cap

Where does the time go? I know that since having children time feels like it has escalated at a great rate of knots!  My theory is that you are constantly looking towards the next half term and holiday, thereby living your life in 6 week blocks.  It doesn’t seem possible that my eldest daughter has… read more →

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Beetroot and Apple Chutney Recipe

Beetroot & Apple Chutney Jars

Late summer is lovely at the allotment.  There is an abundance of crops and it is a busy time to try and harvest them and store or preserve them for the winter months. The great thing about the variety of crops is that you can make home made chutneys with all variety of produce.  The… read more →

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Blackcurrant Sorbet Recipe

Blackcurrants growing

I am forever trying to find recipes for blackcurrants.  We grow them on the allotment and every year we have a huge crop.  This year is no exception and found this lovely simple recipe for blackcurrant sorbet.  I don’t have an ice cream machine but found that not to be a problem.  The result is… read more →

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Sourdough Recipe and Tips

Sourdough bread

Sourdough!  Watching many foody programmes over the years from Paul Hollywood to Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall I have always wanted to try making sourdough. The dough where some bakeries have kept their “starter” mixture for many years!  It sounds a bit strange and against what we currently think as food hygiene i.e. throw food out when it… read more →

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