Most of us are Dehydrated

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Nearly every client I see, either through Reflexology or for Nutritional advice, does not drink sufficient quantities of water. I am shocked at the number of people who do not like water and even though I remind them of its merits, I know that they will continue with the tea, coffee, squash and worse of all the… read more →

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Blackcurrant Sorbet Recipe

Blackcurrants growing

I am forever trying to find recipes for blackcurrants.  We grow them on the allotment and every year we have a huge crop.  This year is no exception and found this lovely simple recipe for blackcurrant sorbet.  I don’t have an ice cream machine but found that not to be a problem.  The result is… read more →

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Breast Screening and the Menopause

Pink Ribbon

Hardly a day goes by when we hear of someone with cancer.   Several close members of my family have had or have breast cancer and it is hard for me, as for many others, not to have concerns as to what the future may hold. Nearing 54 I am peri-menopausal and unfortunately at the moment… read more →

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Everyday Medication Linked to Dementia


The recent report about common, everyday medication possibly causing dementia is no surprise really. (See ) I find it quite worrying how individuals can believe that taking medication of any kind on a long term basis cannot have any side effects.  Unfortunately we have almost been brain washed into believing that there is a cure for many… read more →

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Tips to Help Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Sufferers.

Tummy Ache

It feels like there are more and more people being diagnosed with IBS recently.  Some of them are self-diagnosed whilst others have a formal diagnoses from their GP or consultant. When I take medical notes at the beginning of a reflexology session I ask for details of any medical conditions and often there is a… read more →

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