Client Comments

Many of my patients have found both reflexology and nutritional therapy beneficial:

“My first experience of reflexology was with Sylvia Whyte and I am very pleased to say it was extremely enjoyable, both relaxing and informative, she answered any questions I had and gave me some very helpful information as well. Both my daughter and my mother have used Sylvia as well and we would all highly recommend her exceptional service.”
Mrs S

“I have been suffering from IBS for sometime and found that whatever the GP prescribed did not work. Sylvia asked me a lot of questions about my eating habits and suggested some changes to my diet. The problem is now much more manageable with a lot less pain.”
Mr H

“I used to suffer from migraines but since I have been having monthly reflexology with Sylvia the migraines have gone away.”
Mrs M

“I suffer from MS which can make me feel constipated and bloated. I always know when it is about time for my monthly reflexology as the feeling gets worse. After treatment I feel a lot lighter and freer.”
Mrs P

“Very relaxing. Better than a bottle of wine….”
Mr M

“Sylvia gave me regular treatment in between my chemotherapy. It was wonderfully relaxing and I am sure that my side effects of the chemo were limited due to the reflexology.”
Miss T

“I find that my PMT is much better since I have been on Sylvia’s nutritional programme. I used to get so irritable and unable to cope, but that has all changed now.”
Mrs W

“Sylvia is very knowledgeable about how the body works and why we need nutritional support to maintain our health. I feel so much better now.”
Mr J

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