Precision Reflexology

I generally incorporate some Precision Reflexology techniques into a reflexology Pair of feettreatment. Precision reflexology, also known as “Linking”, involves linking together two or more reflexes. So for example I have used this technique on clients who have fertility issues by linking together the endocrine system such as the adrenal, pituatry, thyroid and ovary glands.  The linking involves lightly holding the reflex areas on the feet to encourage energy flow and release any blockages.

Other areas can be linked as well through the feet and can help relieve symptoms for many ailments.  One of the advantages of using Precision Reflexology is that sometimes the client can experience discomfort to the area on the foot when applying standard reflexology pressure, as precision reflexology involves only a light touch then it is much more relaxing and in my experience just as effective.

For ladies trying to conceive I would recommend a course of 6 treatments at weekly intervals followed by a monthly treatment in mid cycle to keep the body in balance. Alongside this treatment I would also be able to offer nutritional advice.

Please call me for further information.

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