I have been a qualified reflexologist for over 18 years and during that time I have given reflexology treatments to hundreds of people either at my home in Lyne near Chertsey, Surrey or in my patient’s homes. It is a lovely therapy to give and to receive, as I am told by many of my patients! (I also love a treatment – it always makes me feel very calm)

Reflexology - foot massageSome of my patients have a treatment on a regular basis – either once a month or once every two weeks.  Others will contact me on an ad hod basis when they feel like they need a treatment. I have also treated individuals who prefer to have a course of 5 or 6 sessions in a short space of time.

Although there is little scientific evidence that reflexology can help with specific health problems (little money has been spent on formal research!) it has been in existence for thousands of years. Many believe it to be an early form of Chinese Medicine.  In the 21st Century it is seen as a form of complementary therapy and so shouldn’t replace a trip to the GP if there is a specific health problem.

It involves a method of specialised foot massage to reflex areas found in the feet which are believed to reflect each part of the body. When I give treatment I can picture different parts of the body on the soles, sides and tops of your feet.  For instance the big toes I see as representing the head.

Reflexology can:

  • help with relaxation
  • improve mood
  • reduce tension
  • aid sleep
  • improve sense of well-being

I have recently (2014) attended Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage(RLD) training. This is a very powerful tool to help those affected by secondary lymphoedema following breast cancer treatment where the axillary lymph nodes are affected by surgery or radiotherapy. A small study has shown that RLD may be helpful in the management of secondary lymphoedema. The findings are very encouraging and exciting. For further details have a look at

During a Treatment

When I see a new patient I take details of the individuals medical background as well as their current conditions.  This is so I can give treatment in an appropriate way and also to confirm to me that it is safe to give treatment at that time.

Reflexology is either given with the patient lying on a couch or in a reclining chair. The session will last for up to an hour during which time it is common to feel warm and relaxed. Some patients fall into a deep sleep.

I am currently using Annie’s Nut Free Massage Wax which contains Pure Bees Wax, grape seed extract and a hint of lemon .  It is a lovely warming wax which leaves the feet feeling very soft and smooth.  If you have an allergy to any of these ingredients then just let me know and I can use an alternative. More details can be found at

If you need further clarification about what is involved in a treatment session please do not hesitate to call me to discuss.

I can provide treatment either at my home in Lyne near Chertsey in Surrey or I am happy to visit you at your home or place of work, depending on location. I currently have clients in Woking, Chobham, Virginia Water, Weybridge, StainesOttershawCobham, Egham, Addlestone, New Haw, West ByfleetWalton on Thames and Shepperton.  I also offer treatments at the Walton Centre in Manor Road, Walton on Thames. Please call or email to discuss the most suitable venue.

Discounts are available for a course of 5 or more treatments.

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