Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) is a technique pioneered by fellow reflexologist Sally Kaye whilst working in Cancer Care.

It has been developed to help individuals who have lymphoedema, often associated with breast cancer patients, but may also be useful for other conditions where the lymphatic system is compromised.

Lymphoedema is experienced when the lymph system drainage fails. 20% of breast cancer patients suffer from lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment. Lymphodema after breast cancer often results in swelling of one or both arms, shoulders, back or hands.   The swollen tissue can be very painful, uncomfortable and can also be quite debilitating. Psychological problems often occur as well.

The RLD technique is based on reflexology movements on the feet and whilst there Pair of feetare specific moves when applying RLD I also incorporate a general reflexology session as well, so that the client experiences the relaxation that is so often associated with a treatment – and very often needed.

For those patients with lymphoedema, measurements of the arm or leg can be taken before and after treatment so that a comparison can be made.  In my experience the differences before and after treatment can be quite dramatic.

Some of the clients I have treated prefer RLD to MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) as it is less invasive and treatments are less frequent.

Initially I would suggest a course of 4 treatments and thereafter as needed. (The effects can last quite some considerable time, but we are all individuals)

The Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Techniques can also be used to help other conditions such as sinus problems, migraines and headaches as well as where there are lymph blockages in the body.

Further information can be obtained from Sally’s website which also has details of qualified reflexologists for different parts of the country.  This short video also contains a testimonial from a lady who has experienced the treatment first hand.

If you wish to discuss further or to book an appointment please call me on 01932 875419.


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